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Atelier dos Tecidos® was founded in 2001 dedicating its activity to the trading of fabrics and articles for upholsterers and decorators. The crisis of 2009 forced the company to reinvent its business model with new determination and refreshed ambition to subsequentially make a new commitment in the Business to Business market, creating a new and inspired contemporary line of clothing/ manufacture aimed at the hotel hospitality, tourism and leisure sectors.

Currently, Atelier dos Tecidos® is a company specializing in textiles, production of upholstery and curtains, trade-in interior design items, sourcing and supply of raw materials, offering a vast array of products for various segments of the decoration, architecture and interior design markets, for both small and large-scale sectors (hotel, restaurant, nautical, commercial, home).

In order to keep up with emerging market trends, the most current commitment is on the recovery and preservation of inherent spaces by fusing vintage mediums with contemporary materials giving a bespoke and engaging new expression to the property, via projects tailored and aligned with the needs and vision of each individual client, with the harmonious collaboration of our extensive network of partnerships and suppliers.

Variety, resourcefulness, design and innovation are keywords that define the company’s philosophy and ethos. From the north to the south of the country, and seeking internationalization, the aim is to bring a fresh, holistic approach to satisfy the needs and demands of the market, by offering a wide range of products and solutions, high quality items and the innovative design of our own unique collections.

Atelier dos Tecidos® believes in creating common value accompanied by long-lasting partnerships, as well as in specialized training of the entire team in order to ensure top quality products and services from concept development, purchase, liaison, logistics to installation.

  • Mulher a fazer a fazer costura de cortinado cinza
  • Man doing manual carpentry work
  • Man doing manual carpentry work