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In the constant desire for innovation, differentiation and profitable growth of business, and focused on the search for opportunities, arise our brands and exclusive collections, offering new solutions to the market by quality, durability, innovation, elegance and comfort.

  • Man doing manual carpentry work
  • Man doing manual carpentry work
  • Mulher a fazer a fazer costura de cortinado cinza

BestCol® is our exclusive brand of matresses, bases items related with patterns of high quality, being able to provide maximum , comfort and well-being.

Reileta® is our exclusive brand dedicated to the manufacture and restoring of all kinds of upholstery (sofas, armchairs, bases, headboards…)

New Touch® is our exclusive brand dedicated to fabrics, focusing on their quality and durability. From the most simple to the most creative and original one, the fabrics obey demanding, irreverent patterns with innovating features (fireproof, easy cleaning, anti-staining, water resistant and of great resistance).