Sobre Nós



In the constant desire for innovation, differentiation and profitable growth of the business, and focused on the search for opportunities, our exclusive brands and collections emerge, offering new solutions to the market for quality, durability, innovation, elegance and comfort.

BestCol ® is our exclusive brand of mattresses, bases and articles related to high quality standards, capable of providing maximum comfort and well-being.

Reileta ® is our exclusive brand dedicated to the manufacture and restoration of all types of upholstery (sofas, armchairs, bases, headboards …)

New Touch ® is our exclusive brand dedicated to textiles, with a focus on quality and durability. From the simple to the most creative and original, the fabrics obey demanding standards, irreverent and with innovative technical characteristics (anti-fire, easy to clean, anti-stain, water-repellent and highly resistant).